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Whether I'm travelling a faraway foreign land or suburbs just a few minutes from home, I love scratching a little deeper to discover the colourful history and tradition of the local cuisine and culture, and the people who so passionately create it. I am currently based in Bangkok, working full time as the Features Editor for Travel + Leisure Southeast Asia magazine. As a freelance writer, I've contributed regularly to Voyeur magazine, Australian Traveller, Jetstar Asia magazine, SBS Feast magazine, SBS Food, Broadsheet and more. My working background is in copy-editing and subbing, so you can count on me to deliver fact-checked, clean and engaging copy. I often work with my partner, Leigh Griffiths, who is a professional food, lifestyle and travel photographer and creates beautiful pictures to match my words. We recently won Saveur's Blog of the Year AND Travel Blog of the year with our joint project: Strangertalk, an online journal about food, people and culture around the world.

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